Boris Anev
Artist photographer

Born 18 September 1947. Lives in Sofia, Bulgaria

Since 1989, he is a manager of “FOK-Anevi” fashion and advertising agency.


1977 – “Winter in Shiroka laka”. Opened by Ivan Shopov – mayor of Shiroka Luka.

1978 – Exhibition on free theme held in Community center of Shiroka laka

1983 – “Strandja-Sakar – Republic of Youth” held in Capital Youth Center. Opened by Sakar Tsvetanov Veselinov – president of the club of photo-workers.

1984 – “Strandja-Sakar” held in Young Public Theatre

1987 – Exhibition of AGROKOMPLEKT company, Arabian cultural center, Hasake, Syria. Opened by Mr. Habur – governor of the Hasake region.

1998 – “Living on the Stage” – a photo story about the actors of the Young Public Theatre. Opened by Georgi Kadurin – director of  the Youth theatre “ Nikolay Binev”.

1999 – “30 years of Musical Weeks in Sofia Festival” – an exhibition in The French Institute for Culture in Sofia. Opened by Prof. Dimitar Tupkov – Director of the festival.

1999 – “30 years of Musical Weeks in Sofia Festival” – an exhibition in the Parliament members’ Club in the House of Parliament

2000 – “Voices Through the Ether” – an exhibition on the 7th anniversary of DARIC radio showed in the DARIC RADIO building. Opened by Radosvet Radev, CEO.

2000 – “What is This Country” – an exhibition in the Central Library of Sofia. Opened by Georgi Belchev – Director of the Metropolitan library.

2001 – “Bulgarian Spiritual Heritage” – an exhibition showed at “St Mary’ Canopy” temple crypt in Sofia. Opened by Archimandrite Sionii – Sofian Ecclesiasticalg.

2002 – “Bulgarian Hearth Home” – a co production exhibition with Kamen Stefanov, a photographer and journalist, showed in Bulgarian Architects’ Central House, Sofia. Opened by Rossen Vulkov – editor-in-chief of  magazine “ Architecture”.

- “Interior Art Design” – 15 photographic spots of Bulgarian traditional interiors, showed in ELECTROIMPEX building

2003 – “The Bulgarian women” – Central Military Club in Sofia. Opened by Ivan Kulekov – publicist.

2004 -“The Bulgarians handicrafts” – hotel “Hilton” in Sofia. Opened by Emil Basat – publicist.

2005 – “Visit Bulgaria” – hotel “Hilton” in Sofia. Opened by Victor Paskov – writer.

- Photos from Bulgaria, size 55/50cm, exhibited in Hotel complex “Kedar”, Dolna Bania

2006 – “Heritage” – National Palace of Culture, Sofia. Opened by Natalia Bondarenko – Manager of the Publishers “Atlas style”.

2008 – “The Danube Riverside“- showed in Bulgarian Architects’ Central House, Sofia. Opened by His Excellency Klaus Fabian – Ambassador of the Republic of Austria and architect Spiridon Ganev – President of the Union of architects.


In newspapers:


Publishing houses:
“SEPTEMVRI”, “FEGEA” – Belgium, “ARTICOLATA” – Germany, “SHILIAP” – Spain, “ATLAS STIL”

“A Hearth of enlightenment for 100 years” – P&P SLAVEIKOVI PUBLISHING HOUSE – January 1999 – photos and reproductions, give up to 100th anniversary of “Graf Ignatiev” school, Sofia
“DARIC RADIO – YEARS OF LIVE”, photos, give up to 10th anniversary of DARIC radio

Photo CDs:
“101 photographs from Bulgaria”

“101 photographs from Sofia”
“What is this country”
“The Bulgarian handicrafts”
“Bulgarian hearth home”


Pieces of art reproducing, descriptive and reportage photography, architecture, portrait, macro photography

Since 1970 year Boris Anev took part in a number of regional and national exhibitions. Private houses in Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Canada, Australia, USA possess his photographic works.

Boris Anev’s main interests are in revealing typical features of Bulgarian customs, tradition and heritage by the means of photography. He works on restoration of old photographic pieces and hence on renewing family and historical memory.

He traces back on variety of events and processes making chronological series on subjects and places.