Advertising photography
- of subjects

-  models
-  industrial creations
- still life
- architecture – interior, exterior
- macro photography – coins, flowers, jewelery, etc.

Taking photographs of events
- celebrations, formal ceremonies

- stage performances – theater, ballet, concerts
- inaugurations of projects
- family holidays

Photography exhibitions

- a variety of themes – by the idea of the client
- by the idea of the client
- organizations
- advertising materials – flayers, posters
- fully arrangement of the exhibition

Reproductions of art works
- paintings, black and white drawing, sculpture, plastic art, ceramics, mural painting

- realization of a project for women’s and kid’s clothing

- graduation and wedding dresses
- theatrical and carnival costumes
- hats, masks
- repairing and maintaining stage costumes
- advertising costumes
- textile accessories for home and stage
- every kind of clothing decorations

Dolls, puppets
- project and realization of unique child’s toys

- advertising dolls, toys
- masks, costumes, hats, scenery, accessories
- theatrical dolls
- textile dolls
- repairing dolls

Custom drawn icons – size by the needs of the client.